Encouraging sustainable, healthy living

Our family farm is dedicated to more than just providing you with healthy food options. We teach you how to farm sustainably on your own. We're happy to teach when you visit.

We also host Facebook live sessions. We share knowledge about our farm and how to grow produce on your own. Like our Facebook page today to stay updated on healthy living tips.

Who knew a healthy diet could taste this good?

With our non-GMO food options, we make healthy food accessible. We focus on providing non-processed food alternatives to encourage healthy eating habits. At our farm, you can enjoy access to:











That's right! All of our delicious options are healthy and grown right here in Campbell, NY . Visit our store today and see the amazing products we have to offer.





From Our Table to Yours

Visit our family farm in Campbell, NY

If you're searching for non-GMO food options in your local grocery store, your choices are probably limited. You don't have to pay an arm and a leg for fresh produce without harmful chemicals or preservatives. Depend on Lowery Family Farms for affordable healthy food options in Campbell, NY .

Our family farm has been around since 1986, and we've been selling retail for over 8 years. We're passionate about our family and our community, providing our products exclusively to our local partners.

Nearly all of the food we make is healthy and free of pesticides and preservatives. If you're looking to jump-start a healthier lifestyle, connect with us today.